Heal ’n Hip Hop is a weekly show on Dash Radio’s Native Rhymes channel. We feature guests with unique gifts and showcase thought provoking music from old school and new artists not commonly played on main stream radio.

Our intention is to share practical tools with spiritual principles so they are understandable and accessible to everyone. Heal ’n Hip Hop is a force for good to create change within ourselves and our community through music, deep healing and self awareness to foster a positive mindset.




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Episode 56: Akashic Records

https://www.mixcloud.com/Healnhiphop/56-akashic-records/ Listen ‘n Learn:   What are the Akashic Records  How the Records are different from tarot or oracle records How it can helps us to connect to a soul level  The importance of connecting to our imagination The concept that everything is working for you You have agency About Our Guests: We’ve have had both…

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Episode 55: Dancing for Freedom with Malik Starx

https://www.mixcloud.com/Healnhiphop/heal-n-hip-hop-2122-malik-starx-dancing-for-freedom/ Listen ‘n Learn: How Malik went from being an MC to pursuing higher education for survival Breaking generational curses Understanding the Psychology of Stagmatism and Prejudice to elevate the cultural discourse happening now Going viral and “Dancing for Freedom”   About our Guest: Globally-traveled and well-respected rapper/Ivy League scholar Malik Starx’s artistry highlights music’s…

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