Episode 30: Peace Awareness

Listen ‘n Learn:

  • The sign of the Spirit is JOY, LOVE & PEACE
  • Identify what is the most disempowering action we do to ourselves
  • The science of gratitude
  • Discover the value of the labyrinth, events and the Urban Retreat oasis offered at the Center

Track List:

  • Thriving – MJB x Nas                                                    
  • Till I Get There – Lupe Fiasco                                            
  • Harlem Streets – Immortal Technique                                  
  • Giannis – Freddie Gibbs & Madlib                                          
  • Tikka Masala – RoQy TyRaiD

About our Guest:

Paul Kaye of the Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens with Liza B and Nick V of Heal 'n Hip Hop talks about meditation, Urban Retreat and gratitude

Paul’s wellness workshops and presentations combine 40 years of study in fields such as Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, Zen, and cutting edge medical science with what he has learned from poets and teachers such as Lao Tzu, Rumi and Kabir, and the stoic philosophy and leadership of Marcus Aurelius. His work focuses in profound effective ways to make wellness relevant in reducing stress and bringing stillness, calm, balance, harmony, and healing into our lives.  He has presented workshops and classes from  NY City, to London,  Sao Paulo and Sydney.  Paul currently leads one-day urban retreats in the Heart of Los Angeles, where participants unplug, relax, renew and refresh.

Paul has co-authored a number of books including:  
Living the Spiritual Principles of Health and Well-Being
Momentum – Letting Love Lead  
What’s It Like Being You – Living Life as Your True Self!
The Rest of Your Life: Finding Repose in the Beloved

And is a TV and YouTube  personality:
Justin Willman’s Magic for Humans (Netflix)
Sugar Rant (YouTube)
Intuition Health Openess Prosperity(YouTube)

Currently, Paul is President of the Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA), an ecumenical, nondenominational church, founded by John-Roger.

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