Episode 37: Astrology

Listen ‘n Learn:

  • Merging consciousness and culture by shifting from a mindset of surviving to a mindset of thriving
  • Understanding the cycles of astrology
  • How to use astrology as a tool to navigate your life
  • Understanding sun and moon signs to plan your future
  • The truth about Mercury Retrograde
  • What is a light worker

Track List:

  • The 6th Sense – Common                                                                
  • The Bizness – De La Soul Feat. Common                                      
  • Music For Life – HI-TEK ft Common                                                                
  • The People – Common                                                                  
  • Resurrection – Common Sense                                                
  • Her Love – Common                                                                      
  • Motivation – Norman

About Our Guest:

Jynnette Lewis is an oracle, energy healer, and spiritual life coach who works with women entrepreneurs, therapists, lightworkers, and activists to leverage their influence for radical social change and healing trauma-informed behavior. Her journey started over 25 years ago when, as a young child, she began to experience episodes of spontaneous samadhi. After a life-changing interaction with Archangel Gabriel a few weeks before the Sept 11th attacks, she delved into reiki, yoga, gnostic Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, and metaphysical studies. In October 2012 she received a vision of her ascension during a past incarnation and her choice to return to the planet to support the collective Ascension work.

Jynnette Lewis explains how astrology can be used as a tool to navigate your life for positive outcomes

She specializes in operating as an oracle–a direct connection to the Divine–receiving profound wisdom, love, joy, and truth to share with all those with whom she is privileged to work. She channels information through tools such as tarot, astrology, the Archangels & other Higher Dimensional Beings, and the Crystal kingdom. She also runs the Lightworker Academy which offers online classes and specialized training for spiritual and personal development.

She has been interviewed on shows such as the Beyond The Ordinary with John Burgos, the Awakened Heart Network, Voyage LA magazine, Spiritual Biz magazine, Truthseekers Radio, and more.

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