Episode 38: You Become What You Think About

Listen ‘n Learn:

  • If you are not thinking the right thoughts, you are not going to have the right outcome
  • Your values shape the way you act
  • How to critical is the gap between word and actions
  • Cultivating or changing any habit
  • The importance of changing your verbiage
  • Your current situation you’re in does not define you

Track List:

  • Off Those Meds – Cas Metah ft CookBook & Ahmad                                
  • Offence – Little Simz                                                      
  • Prison – Locksmith                                                              
  • If You Pray Right – BROCKHAMPTON                                                
  • Love Me For Life – BROCKHAMPTON                                                
  • Blame – Haviah Mighty                                                          
  • BoBiverse – B.o.B                                                              
  • Boss – Little Simz                                                            
  • Breukelen “Brooklyn” – Masta Ace & Marco Polo ft Smif ‘n’ Wessun            
  • IBTIHAJ – Rapsody ft D Angelo & The GZA
Stephanie Harris from Best Life Events, Inc. visits Heal ‘n Hip Hop

About Our Guest:

Stephanie Harris, a true people lover, credits her “Load Lightning” process with accessing the”How We Do” in her practice. By tracking the habits of those who are considered accomplished (versus “successful”) she has been able to capture the major tenants of one “Living Their Best Life”.

Her company, Best Life Events Inc. includes, travel, entertainment, financial fitness and wellness, which she has  combined into an “Adventure Backpack”. Her main goal is to share her strengths and simply empower those to understand “Living Ones Best Life” is a balance between what happens to us and what we do about it.

Stephanie is a native of Seattle, WA, and now lives in South Florida where she resides with her husband, Mark. She has two adult children, Carmen and Bruce, plus two bonus daughters, Erica and Ebony.

Links ‘n References from the Show:

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/bestlifeeventsinc/?hl=en

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/bestliferocks

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