Episode 39: Ho’oponopono

Listen ‘n Learn:

  • How Jay’s methodology of breath work
  • Why breath work resonates with men
  • The roots of Ho’oponopono
  • Ho’oponono for self, inner child, parents, and another person
  • One session has tremendous breakthroughs with permanent results
  • Releasing DMT

Track List:

  • Afeni – Rapsody ft PJ Morton
  • Aaliyah – Rapsody                            
  • Sojourner – Rapsod ft J. Cole
  • We Out Here – VILLAIN PARK
  • Sons & Daughters – Dre Lloyd                
  • 44 More – Logic

About Our Guest:

Jay Bradley shares breath work with Heal 'n Hip Hop technique using Ho'oponopono
Jay Bradley shares breath work technique using Ho’oponopono

Jay Bradley has spent over 30 years in the world of health, wellness, and personal growth.

His childhood challenges with allergies, asthma, and depression inspired him to improve his physical health, and for which he developed a deeper passion to heal old, negative programming on an emotional and spiritual level.

His book LIVE LOOK FEEL, The 12-Week Guide to Live Longer, Look Younger & Feel Better, taught readers how to find balance in all areas and to forge ahead through even the toughest of times.

Over the past few years, Jay’s purpose became even more clear with the discovery of breath work where he realized he could literally release a lifetime of pain and grief in one session. Jay has since trained with some of the top Breathwork teachers and has gone on to share this incredible healing modality with thousands of people both privately and in groups. He specializes in combining Breathwork with The Hawaiian forgiveness practice of Ho’Oponopono to help people shift into more self-love, forgiveness, and gratitude for themselves, their life, and for others.

Along with Breathwork, Jay incorporates his healing training as a certified wellness coach, Reiki master, and hypnotist.

Links ‘n References from the Show:

Facebook Fan/Business Page: www.facebook.com/breatheonitwithjay
Twitter Home Page: www.twitter.com/breatheonit
Instagram Profile Link: www.instagram.com/breatheonitwithjay
YouTube Channel:  www.youtube.com/breathonit

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