Episode 42: Sa-Roc discusses deeper consciousness and “The Sharecropper’s Daughter”

Listen ‘n Learn: 

  • Sa Roc’s upbringing included being centered around spirituality, rich culture and learning about alternative thought which inspired her poetry that became music
  • How she cleverly weaves in ideas of deeper consciousness and knowledge to appeal to broader Hip Hop fans in a way that’s universal
  • Deeper forms of meditation that utilizes the breath and crystals that help access creativity
  • The experience of being on tour when the Covid shut down hit
  • Working with Black Thought to create “The Black Renaissance”

About Our Guest:

Sa-Roc is arguably one of the most vibrant MCs in the world today. Her crisp articulation, fiery delivery, and her elevated and insightful lyricism has often placed her within the same conversation of some of Hip Hop’s most notable artists.

Her latest project, The Sharecropper’s Daughter, the title of which pays homage to her father’s experience growing up sharecropping tobacco, is in Sa-Roc’s own words “a sonic reflection on the generational inheritance of trauma and triumph that shapes our humanity and influences the way we see the world.” At a time where people all around the globe are calling for social change, Sa-Roc is an MC whose energy and conscious lyrics are about to shake up the rap game and remind us all that Hip Hop was always about giving a voice to the people. (rhymesayers.com)

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