Episode 45: Native American Flute Healing with Guillermo Martinez

Listen ‘n Learn:

  • How Guillermo’s love quest turned into a lifetime career
  • The native flute communicates spiritually 
  • Cultural practices have been preserved through the flute and music
  • Each element of traditional Native American music represents something. (Ex. Drum represents the foundation or the heartbeat of the mother; rattles represent middle the middle earth or the ground, plants, animals…)
  • The flute represents the air, wind and the voice of the soul
  • The flute can be a voice for people going through difficult times in their lives

About Our Guest:

After traveling through Alaska in his 20’s. Guillermo Martinez discovered his first mentor at a Rose Bowl swap meet: JavierFlute Maker and Master, Guillermo Martinez Quijas Xyayotl, an expert craftsman in Mesoamerican instruments. Javier guided Guillermo through the craft of clay and bamboo flutes, and other traditional instruments. Later, another friend and mentor, Agustin Rodiles “Tzinzuni,” taught him the ways of wood carving, propelling his artistic endeavors, and developed my own path to becoming a Master Craftman.  Guillermo then  realized his dream of building my own workshop to bring these sacred instruments to life.  Presently he creates around 200 instruments, serving the Native American Community, Hip Hop artists and people all over the world.


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