Episode 48: How Feng Shui Can Help You Inside and Out with Master Clarice Chan

Listen ‘n Learn:

  • How Feng Shui fits into Chinese culture
  • Different perspectives of fengshui 
  • Defining BaZi and the Five Elements
  • Differences between Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology
  • Nick’s year of Water Ox insight
  • What to look forward in 2021

About Our Guest:

Master Clarice Chan is a Singaporean international Feng Shui Master with a deep connection to the metaphysical realm. She provides guidance and enlightens individuals and businesses on the possible paths to take when faced with adversities. Besides Singapore, Master Clarice also works throughout Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States

Master Clarice is an accomplished writer and contributes to renowned magazines worldwide. Currently, she works and teaches internationally and her diverse publications are distributed worldwide. Master Clarice is well respected in her field and has been nominated for Singapore’s Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2008 and in 2018, she was named the Visionary Person of the Year by the Book Publicists of Southern California.

With at least 20 years of experience, Master Clarice is well versed in Feng Shui, BaZi (Chinese Astrology), Numerology, the Tarot, Reiki and Meditation.


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