Episode 49: Roqy Tyraid “It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop”

Listen ‘n Learn:

  • Roqy’s Musical influences
  • Disarming and preservation through the community activism in  Phoenix Arizona
  • What is “grime”
  • How being an artist plays a role in being socially aware
  • “There is no unity without community”

About Our Guest:

California born, ROQY TYRAiD has an uncompromising sound which is deeply rooted in the 90s heyday of unadulterated hip hop but with a contemporary flavor. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, his music catalog since his first album, The Millennium Man, has grown to provide prolific insight where he cleverly raps about higher consciousness, political  accountablity, and civil unrest.  Those who are blessed with the opportunity to hear his unique mixture of wordplay, wittiness, originality, brazen yet smooth delivery, controversial subject matter, and charisma will proclaim him DOPE without a shadow of doubt!

Links ‘n Resources:


Instagram:  @roqytyraid

Twitter:  @roqytyraid


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