Episode 50: How to Meditate When You’re Too Stressed, Depressed or Overwhelmed with Jennifer Pearlstein

Listen ‘n Learn:

  • Great reasons to partake in mindfulness workshops such as hers
  • What mindfulness can do for post Covid-19 anxiety 
  • The misconceptions of meditation
  • The best way to start meditating for first timers
  • Where does anxiety come from 
  • How to create a mindfulness “bell”
  • What to do when you are being triggered by anxiety 


About Our Guest:

Jennifer Pearlstein is a Certified Mindfulness teacher, certified through the Mindfulness Training Institute, under the tutelage of Mark Coleman and Martin Ayleward. 

The majority of her career has been as a Pilates instructor and Principle Faculty for BASI Pilates and has traveled all over the world conducting teacher trainings for BASI.  The most important part of Pilates for Jennifer has always been the mind component.  In this mind-body modality, the mind is asked to stay focused on particular parts of the body, calming the mind and remaining in the present moment.  

 In 2012, She found herself caught up in the busyness of her life, and felt disconnected from herself. She knew that there was something more. Discovering and practicing Buddhist philosophy, a path of how to live life with more presence and meaning was illuminated. Jennifer practices daily both formally and informally, participates in a monthly Dharma Studies group and attends silent mediation retreats regularly. 

As a certified mindfulness teacher, Jennifer now shares this way of life by offering 6-week introduction to mindfulness courses, conducts workshops and offers private sessions.


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