Episode 53: In Deep with the Beat Junkies

Listen ‘n Learn:

  • What gives them joy on the turntables today even after 30 years

  • How twitch has added to their creativity

  • Where the DJs vibe thrives

  • Which record inspired Rhettmatic, Melo D and Icy Ice

  • Benefits from being in a DJ crew

  • How the Beat Junkies center themselves before a gig

About Our Guest:

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, the Beat Junkies are revered as the world’s greatest DJ collective. Founded in 1992, the Beat Junkies have successfully cultivated a loyal fan base of music enthusiasts worldwide. With countless musical accolades, including World Championship DJ competition titles, primetime radio mixshows for L.A.’s leading radio stations (Power 106, 92.3 The Beat, & 93.5 KDAY), providing music production for some of the industry’s most notable recording artists, and touring the globe showcasing their unique DJ & musical artistry, the Beat Junkies have profoundly influenced the International DJ community since the early 90’s.

Apart from their unique DJ skill set, the Beat Junkies are credited as pioneers and prolific taste makers, and continue to flourish in the modern day music industry. They are considered to be the most well-rounded DJ crew in the world, and have consistently innovated new techniques and styles, earning them the respect of their peers and music enthusiasts everywhere.

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