Episode 56: Akashic Records

Listen ‘n Learn:  

  • What are the Akashic Records 
  • How the Records are different from tarot or oracle records
  • How it can helps us to connect to a soul level 
  • The importance of connecting to our imagination
  • The concept that everything is working for you
  • You have agency

About Our Guests:

We’ve have had both of our gifted and amazing guests on our show to teach us about the Five Elements of the Mind and Crystal Healing.  Julian Sombrano is the founder of Mostly Angels LA, and is a certified Akashic Record Reader, Oracle Card Reader, Reiki, Theta, Crystal Healer, and last living master of the 5 Elements of Mind. 

Leah Garza is committed to the full dismantling of society as we know it. As an Akashic Records practitioner, she works with people to find transformation and radical beauty in the midst of their trauma and limiting patterns. Leah is a veteran teacher and activist, whose healing practice is centered at the intersection of decoloniality, justice, and narrative re-writes in order to help clients and communities untangle trauma and integrate their innate and eternal power. On top of her many advanced credentials in a variety of metaphysical practices, Leah also has a aster’s Degree in Education and is a PhD Candidate in Community Liberation Indigenous and Ecophysiology.  

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