Episode 51: Cyphering the Love of Hip Hop with Toni Blackman

Listen ‘n Learn:

  • The challenges of being the first US Hip Hop ambassador in the 80s
  • Honoring your voice as a Hip Hop head to push the culture forward
  • Creating Rhyme like a Girl and building confidence with young women around the world
  • Insight to her new book, “Wisdom of Cypher”
  • How cyphers are rooted since the beginning of civilization
  • Healing Hop Hop “wounds”
  • Hip Hop meditation music

About Our Guest:

Tony Blackman is an award-winning artist and the first US hip-hop ambassador via the U.S. State Department.  She’s performed, spoken and lead workshops in 48 countries which has included southeast Asia, Brazil, and an extensive amount of experience on the continent of Africa.

Honored as a DOVE Real Woman Role Model for her work building the esteem of girls, she is the creator of “Rhyme Like a Girl” workshops which are rooted in the idea that poetry, lyrics and performance can be used as a tool for building self-esteem, self-worth, and self understanding. The workshops also nurture
emerging female hip-hop artists and was featured at the Lincoln Center last summer. She also started Freestyle Union, and the Hip Hop Arts Movement.

Toni has opened for an share the stage with Erykah Badu, Wycliffe, most DEF, The Roots, Wu-Tang Clan, Dead Prez and many many more.


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